The Tiki Terrace
Hawaiian Restaurant, Tiki Bar & Entertainment Venue
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Dinner Menu


-Taro chips-Taro is a staple of Hawaii. We slice it thin & serve it with our homemade pineapple salsa.  $5.25

-Egg Rolls Bora Bora-Our very own recipe of pork & vegetable filling, rolled in a light and crunchy spring roll wrapper. Made from scratch & ono-licious! $8.50

-Komo-Hana Calamari-A classic dish tossed in our signature garlic/shoyu sauce. A definite must if you enjoy calamari. You will agree that this dish is No Ka Oi(the best)! $8.50

-Garlic/Shoyu Chicken Wings-Try our house wings and see why they are a staff favorite! $8.50

-Kalua Pork Menehunes-4 mini kalua pork sandwiches served as an appetizer! $8.50

-Pohana Potstickers-Made with pork, shrimp, and veggies. $8.50

-Poke-A local Hawaiian specialty! The Ahi tuna is marinated, seasoned, seared, along with sweet onion and tomatoes. Please ask server about availability. $9.25


-Maui Onion Soup-Our version is made with sautéed sweet onions in a broth base soup. Served with sweet Hawaiian bread. Cup-$2.50    Bowl-$3.95

-Split Pea w/ Portuguese Sausage- It is a classic soup served with a Tiki Terrace twist. Seasoned with onions, garlic, and paprika. Portuguese sausage is a local favorite of Hawaii. Cup-$2.75 Bowl-$4.00

Dinner Salads

Our salads are made with romaine lettuce, mandarin oranges, crisp wonton, chow mein noodles, and topped with your choice of the following:

-Regular(without meat)-$4.50

-Grilled Chicken- $9.50

-Poke(ahi tuna)- $11.50(It is pan seared. Notify server if you would like it well done.)

-Calamari- $11.50

Finally, choose a dressing of your choice. Hokulea dressing, which is an ono sweet sesame dressing, or ranch. Dressings are served on the side.

Sandwiches (served with your choice of side)

-No Ka Oi Burger- 2-¼lb teriyaki glazed, all beef patties are topped with a pineapple, wasabi mayo, lettuce, and served on a toasted bun. $9.25

-No Ka Oi Garden Burger-This teriyaki glazed veggie patty is topped with a pineapple, wasabi mayo, lettuce, and served on a toasted bun. $9.25

-Chicken Kelaguen Wrap-A dish from the island of Guam. Roasted chicken, chopped, and seasoned with salt, pepper, fresh lemons, and chopped onions.  $9.00

-Kalua Pork Sandwich-Shredded, tender, oven-roasted pork served on a toasted bun, and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ on the side. An island favorite! $9.25-

Mahi Burger-A 4oz mahi fillet, breaded with asian bread crumbs, lightly fried, and served on a toasted bun, with lettuce, and a creamy wasabi mayo sauce. $9.25

Seafood Entrees

-Poke Ahi Tuna-Ahi tuna fillet, sweet onions, and tomatoes are marinated in sesame and shoyu, and seared to rare, and served with rice and a choice of side. $12.25 (Notify server if you would like it well done.)

-Maui Mahi-The popular mahi mahi of Hawaii! We prepare this dish by breading it with asian bread crumbs, lightly fry it, with a sweet-sour-chili sauce(mild spiciness). An amazing balance of crunchy breading and tender fillet.  Served with rice and a choice of side. 6oz-$12.50 ,  12oz-$15.75

-Opae Shrimp-Hand breaded butterfly shrimp, with a sweet coconut mango dipping sauce, rice and a choice of side. $14.50

-Wiki Wiki Shrimp Stir Fry-A variety of fresh veggies are combined with shrimp in a classic stir fry sauce. Served with rice and choice of side. $14.00

Pork Entrees

-Kalua Pork-Shredded, tender, oven-roasted pork. An island favorite and best seller at The Tiki Terrace. Served with rice, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce on the side, and choice of side. $12.50

-Pali Tonkatsu-Thinly sliced boneless pork loin, breaded with asian bread crumbs and served with rice, tangy katsu sauce, and choice of side. $12.50

-Katsu Loco Moco-Yet another take on the ever popular Loco Moco. Thinly sliced boneless pork loin, breaded with asian bread crumbs, and lightly fried. Served on a bed of rice, topped with two fried eggs, and smothered with a rich brown gravy.  $12.50

Beef Entrees

-Wiki Wiki Stir Fry-Top sirloin is combined with a variety of fresh veggies in a classic stir fry sauce. Served with rice and choice of side.  $12.50

-Original Loco Moco-A true local dish of Hawaii! Two ¼ lb beef patties that is served on a bed of rice. Then we top it with two fried eggs, and smothered with a rich brown gravy. It’s big! $12.50

Chicken Entrees

-Honolulu Coconut Chicken-Boneless chicken breast marinated in coconut cream, breaded with sweet coconut flakes, and deep fried. Served with rice, choice of side, and plum sauce for dipping. $12.50

-Wiki Wiki Chicken Stir Fry-Boneless chicken breast combined with a variety of fresh veggies in a classic stir fry sauce. Served with rice and choice of side.  $12.50

Vegetarian Entrees

-Wiki Wiki Veggie Stir Fry-Seasoned, sautéed tofu combined with a variety of fresh veggies in a classic stir fry sauce. Served with rice and choice of side. $12.50

-Aloha Tofu-Sweet onion and ripened tomato marinated in sesame and shoyu, seared, and topped with sautéed tofu and teriyaki glaze. Served with rice and choice of side. $11.50


-The Outrigger-Bananas are coated in brown sugar & 5 spice, wrapped in a crisp won ton, topped with carmel, and served with vanilla ice cream. $5.75

-Haupia Cake-This homemade dessert is a white cake layered in a traditional haupia filling and a lightly whipped coconut frosting. You will agree that our cake is “No Ka Oi”(the best)! $4.50

-Chinaman’s Hat-Vanilla ice cream served on top of fried won ton, and topped with strawberry puree and sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings. $4.50

-Chocolate Lava Cake-Rich chocolate cake erupting with hot fudge. Served with ice cream and topped with carmel. $5.75

Keiki(children)-Children 10 and under-

-Mini Loco Moco-Choice of burger patty, or katsu. $7.00

-Mini Honolulu Coconut Chicken-Served with rice and choice of side. $7.00

-Chicken Nuggets-Served with taro and choice of side. Choose from bbq or ketchup. $6.00

-Shredded Pork Sanwich-Served with bbq, and a choice of side. $6.00



-Side choices                                |-Extras

Macaroni salad                                                 |Cup of Coleslaw-$1.50

Hawaiian style coleslaw                                  |Cup of Macaroni salad-$1.50

Extra steam rice                                               |Extra egg-$1.00

-Side upgrades                            |Extra gravy-$1.00

Taro chips upgrade-$1.00, add salsa-$.50   | Extra dipping sauce-$.25

Hawaiian bread roll upgrade-$.50                |

Salad-$2.50                                                       |


-Refillable Sodas-Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Unsweetened or Raspberry Tea, Cherry Pepsi, Pink Lemonade, or Sierra Mist. $2.50

-Fruit Juices-Pineapple, Orange, Cranberry, Papaya, Guava, Mango, or any Combination. $3.00

-Virgin Cocktails-Served with an umbrella and fresh fruit garnishes. $5.50

---Captain Cook’s Delight-A blended combination of oj, pj, and strawberry puree.

---Pina Colada-A classic blend of coconut cream and pineapple juice.

---Lava Flow-A Pina Colada with an addition of a banana, and strawberry puree for the lava effect!


Cocktail Menu

Sweet Tropicals, $6.50
Mai Tai - Made with fresh fruit juices, rum, orange curacao, & topped with Meyers Dark Rum.
Blue Hawaii - This island favorite is mixed with vodka, blue curacao, fresh pineapple juice, and a splash of sweet & sour.
Hawaiian Screwdriver - Our tropical version of the screwdriver has fresh pineapple, orange, and guava juices with vodka and sweet grenadine.
Tropical Itch - A classic tropical found at most tiki bars. Our version combines vodka, rum, and flavors of cherry, pineapple, and citrus. Also mixed with a rich dark rum.
Not -So-Sweet Tropicals, $6.50
Zombie - Not too sweet and not too sour. The zombie is a perfect balance of pineapple, papaya, melon and lime... And did we mention it is potent? Made with 4 different rums and our most potent cocktail! Please enjoy responsibly.
Suffering Bastard - It isn't called the suffering bastard for nothing! This tart combination of bourbon, gin lime and bitters will even make the hairs on your neighbor’s neck stand at attention!
Blended Tropicals $6.75
Lava Flow - This is our version of the Pina Colada. We include a fresh strawberry puree and banana to make this blended cocktail spectacular!
Pina Colada - Enjoy one of the most popular of all tropical blends Tiki Terrace style!
Mango-Colada - Be careful with this blended cocktail. It is ono, brah! Made with mango rum, fresh mango nectar, and mango liqueur.
Rum Runner - Our version includes berry, white rum, and 151. An interesting and tasty combo.
Martiki-Tinis $6.50
Vanilla Ginger Martini - A unique vodka martini. We make our own vanilla bean and ginger flavoring every week!
Waikiki Beachcomber - Gin martini with hints of orange and pineapple.
Beer and Wine, $3.50-$8.00

Miller Lite, Heineken, Red Stripe, Corona, Blue Moon, and Fat Tire 22 oz.


Dinner & Shows every Fri and Sat.
The Tiki Terrace
1591 Lee St.  Des Plaines, IL 60018
(847) 795-8454

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